Turkish actor says ‘offensive photo’ was “taken out of context” (VIDEO)

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*Image courtesy of Ellinika Hoaxes

Popular Turkish actor Can Yaman who was photographed making an ‘indecent hand gesture’ in front of the Greek flag at the Acropolis, has defended his actions saying he was simply adjusting his sunglasses and also added he was surprised it was taken out of context.

The 30-year-old dubbed “Turkey’s hottest actor” arrived at Athens Airport on Sunday and was warmly greeted by hundreds of female fans, however, things turned sour the following day when a photo of the actor holding up his middle finger at the Acropolis went viral.

Many Greek viewers were offended at the image taken by a photographer, showing Can making this hand gesture at Greece's historical site, and more so with the Greek flag behind him.

A wave of criticism followed and when asked by Skai television presenter Nikos Moutsinas, about the photograph, the actor said it was taken out of context.

“You must be crazy if you think that I made an offensive gesture!” stressed Yaman.

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*Skai TV showing photos of Can's character adjusting his sunglasses

The actor went on to say that his character in the Turkish series “Early Bird,” which airs on Skai Television, adjusts his glasses with his middle finger and Yaman was simply doing the same thing.

Yaman also took out a pair of sunglasses during his interview, showing the audience how he adjusts his sunnies, using his middle finger.

*Watch the video here (Courtesy of Skai Television)-