Koulouri, Greece’s favourite breakfast on the run 4

If you are in Greece and after some breakfast on the run, Koulouri is a fabulous option for you, as it’s both filling and healthy!

Known as much-loved Greek street food, this round-shaped bread is packed with good carbohydrates and proteins. And if you are wondering what it tastes like, it is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and sprinkled with plenty of sesame seeds on top.

Koulouri, Greece’s favourite breakfast on the run 5

Koulouri is enjoyed by people of all ages around the country and is most popular in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece’s largest city’s where you are guaranteed to come across a Koulouri stand. And it’s very common to see locals running around with a Koulouri in their hand as they head to work, school, or while they are out for a spot of shopping.

Some historians trace the Koulouri’s origins back to early Christianity and during Byzantine years is when it is said to have first appeared in Constantinople. It then became popular in Thessaloniki, when the Greeks from Asia Minor brought it to the Macedonian city around 1922.

Koulouri, Greece’s favourite breakfast on the run 6

The word Koulouri comes from the ancient Greek word “kollikion”, which means a round bread made with coarsely ground wheat and is mentioned in many Byzantine scripts.

This tasty snack has slowly evolved and now comes in a variety of flavours including multi-seed, tahini, whole wheat and you can also find it filled with Greek cheese or meat. Lots of people also like to cut a Koulouri in half and spread Nutella, butter or jam on it. And while it’s traditionally made in a simple ring form, you may also find it twisted or braided.

Our tip– if you are going to try one, make sure you buy it early in the morning as it’s best enjoyed fresh!

*Images by Greek City Times (Copyright) 

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