Thousands of Athenians participate in world’s largest race against breast cancer

Screen Shot 2019 09 30 at 2.24.52 pm

Screen Shot 2019 09 30 at 2.24.52 pm

Over 30 thousand Athenians participated in the 11th 'Greece Race for the Cure' which is part of the world’s largest walking and running event that strives to fight against breast cancer.

The race was held in the Greek capital on Sunday, with Greece showing its support along with 1 million other people in over 140 cities around the world who take part to honour those who have lost their lives due to the disease.

After losing her sister to breast cancer, Nancy G. Brinker founded the American breast cancer organisation Susan G. Komen. In 1983, the first 'Race for the Cure' in Dallas welcomed 800 participants. Nowadays, 1 million people gather in over 140 cities, including Athens, to raise awareness of breast cancer, promote prevention and early diagnosis, and also to empower patients.

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The annual event in Greece is organised by the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zoe" and is held on the last Sunday in September, in co-operation with the Athens Cultural, Athletic and Youth Organisation, and Susan G. Komen.

People of all ages took part in the race yesterday, running or walking through the streets of  Athens. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people participated this year, while the race's proceeds will go towards the Panhellenic Breast Cancer Association, to help raise public awareness, promote prevention and early diagnosis and to support those living with breast cancer.

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*Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis congratulating those who took part in the event

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis signaled the start of the 5km "Greece Race for the Cure" race, and welcomed the thousands of participants marking the day as a "celebration of health, information, but above all, prevention".

"It's a celebration for every woman who has managed to beat breast cancer. But also a message to make sure we never lose another woman to breast cancer,” said the Mayor.

“I invite you all to celebrate life. Our lives. To love her and to respect her. Let us all do our best to prevent cancer and to keep everyone updated with the latest information, so we can lead a healthy life. We are all in this together. And when we all work together, breast cancer can be defeated," stressed Mayor Bakoyannis.