Greek Parliament President welcomes Turkish Ambassador

Burak Ozugergin

Burak Ozugergin

Greek Parliament President Konstantinos Tasoulas on Monday welcomed at his office Turkish Ambassador to Athens Burak Ozugergin, noting the importance of restarting of relations between Greece and Turkey as a worthwhile effort.

Tasoulas referred to the timing of the visit by the Turkish Ambassador as “ an interesting one for Greek-Turkish relations, given the effort to restart the relations of our country with Turkey - a worthwhile effort that should be supported by each side so that we may, ideally, progress in our bilateral relations without tensions and challenges."

Ambassador Ozugergin expressed his pleasure at being at the Greek parliament, and, calling the parliament president's words encouraging, said that "restarting relations between Greece and Turkey will benefit both peoples."

Ozugergin acknowledged the tense climate between the two countries saying that "there are of course, issues to be discussed, but we begin on the basis you mentioned, that it is very encouraging we are meeting here today."