Tsipras meets with North Macedonia Prime Minister

Tsipras zaev

Tsipras zaev

Former Greek Prime Minister, Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras met with North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday in Skopje, ahead of todays Economist Western Balkans Summit on "Reinforcing the momentum for European integration," where both are among the speakers.

Both leaders were responsible for the signing of the controversial Prespes Agreement which took place in June 2018.

During their meeting, Tsipras and Zaev took the opportunity and conveyed the message to Europe that "we proved that in the Balkan region we can deal with nationalism and overcome introversion with a vision for the future," sources said, while "the time has come for the EU to do the same, opening the way towards accession talks for North Macedonia."

Sources said that the two men confirmed that the Prespes Agreement "created new dynamics in the area and placed the relations of both countries on a strategic base."

Tsipras and Zaev also discussed progress in implementing the agreement and the need for further progress.

Upon his arrival in Skopje Zaev welcomed Tsipras, declaring "we made history."

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