Famous restaurateur Salt Bae takes Mykonian boulder to Turkey in his suitcase (VIDEO)

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Internet sensation Salt Bae, the owner of Nusr-Et, a high-end chain of steak houses, has taken a large piece of Mykonian boulder he was using as weights on the Cycladic island, back to his motherland Turkey, in a suitcase.

The former butcher, who is most famous for his technique of preparing and seasoning meat, opened up his latest chain in Mykonos this summer and while he was staying on the Greek island, he posted a lot of shots of himself on social media, exercising with the large piece of granite.

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His Mykonos restaurant, which charges 1000 euros for gold-covered steak, has now finished its busy summer season and Salt Bae has since returned back to Turkey, with the boulder.

In a video posted by the restaurateur on his Instagram page today, you can see Salt Bae arriving at his steak house in Ankara, rolling in his suitcase with the large granite inside it. Salt Bae takes the rock out of his luggage, kisses it and then places it in a display cabinet inside his restaurant.

*Watch the video of Salt Bae placing the Myconian boulder in his Turkish restaurant-  

Considering it is illegal to take small pebbles from Lalaria beach on the Greek island of Skiathos, with a huge fine applying if caught, it is hard to imagine how Salt Bae actually managed to transfer the Mykonian boulder to Turkey.

Greek City Times has reached out to Salt Bae for a comment, however, we haven’t received a response as yet.