570 migrants transferred from Moria to mainland Greece 2

Greek authorities announced they were transferring around 570 migrants from Moria camp, Lesvos on Sunday.

Authorities say this is part of the plan to reduce overcrowding at the camp where about 13,000 people live in a space designed for 3,000.

Authorities say the 570 are among what they term “vulnerable categories,” which include families, single women with children and unaccompanied minors.

The ferry will arrive at the port of Piraeus on Monday morning. The migrants will be moved to a camp near the northern city of Thessaloniki.

Separately, Greek authorities said a Syrian toddler drowned at a beach in southern Greece after the boy wandered away from his parents and exited a migrant camp.

The Ministry of Citizen Protection, which oversees Greek police, says that the boy was 2 and a half years old. The boy drowned Sunday afternoon after leaving the camp in the city of Andravida in the western Peloponnese region. An inquiry has been launched by Greek officials.

*Source: Associated Press