Parents jailed for sexually abusing their son and daughter in Leros 3

A 52-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman have been found guilty of sexually assaulting their children on Leros island and have been sentenced to 52 years of prison between them.

After a long trial at a family court in Rhodes, the defendants were found guilty of sexually abusing their son and daughter, with the court handing down a 24 year jail sentence to the father and 13 years to the mother, who was given a lenient sentence as the court took into account she had also been raped.

The couple gave disturbing statements to the police and admitted they were sexually abusing two of their four children.

Parents jailed for sexually abusing their son and daughter in Leros 4

“We were raping our 24-year-old son who is mentally disabled and our 13-year-old daughter and we enjoyed it,” the parents told police officers.

The court heard that the eldest son who is now 27-year-old had left the house, while the youngest child, an eight-year-old boy had not been sexually abused but was being physically assaulted by his parents.

Last year authorities were alerted and the youngest child and his sister were taken to the local Children’s Hospital for a physical examination.

During that time the siblings opened up to the police officers and told them about the horrific sexual and physical assaults taking place in their home. According to reports, authorities involved in the case were very distraught by the details.

After being interrogated by police, the couple said, “We only stopped when they started crying.”

The young girl is now being looked after by her auntie and is receiving a lot of support and counselling as the teenager refuses to eat and drink. According to family, the girl can’t believe her nightmare is finally over and is scared her parents may come back to attack her.