Mohegan unveils ‘Inspire Athens’ casino concept for Hellinikon Project (VIDEO)



Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment (MGE) has unveiled its concept ‘Inspire Athens’ a proposed integrated casino and resort development for Athens’ much anticipated Hellinikon Project.

The company is now up against Hard Rock in a bid to be selected as the company to construct a casino at the site of Athens’ former airport.

If ‘Inspire Athens’ is selected it promises to build two skyscrapers featuring a luxury hotel, entertainment venues, convention center, shopping, dining, casino, and a comprehensive mix of premium amenities.


The integrated resort and casino will also include a variety of eateries, bars, and boutiques featuring leading international brands as well as local designers and flavours that highlight traditional Greek dining, wining, and shopping.

MGE also added that 'Inspire Athens' also plans to become southern Europe’s leading venue for music concerts, theatrical performances, major sporting events, and other arts and cultural activities on a weekly basis.

MGE announced on Tuesday that its proposal will launch “a new era of tourism growth and economic prosperity for all of Greece and the entire region”.


According to MGE, the 'Inspire Athens' development will create over 7,000 jobs for Athens during and after construction and once completed they anticipate an increase of at least ten percent in international tourism in the Attica region, as well as the contribution of millions of euros annually to both the government and the people of Greece in the form of taxes, infrastructure improvements, and public services.

Mario Kontomerkos, Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment’s chairman and CEO announced, “We understood that Inspire Athens was meant to symbolise more than an integrated resort. It is our hope that Inspire Athens would be the catalyst that sparks the entire development of the Hellinikon area into the coveted Athenian Riviera, forever redefining the modern identity of Greece.”

“We hope we’ll have the opportunity to turn our vision into a reality and further elevate Greece as a must-visit travel destination with this landmark hospitality destination," Kontomerkos concluded.

The design of the building was created by Steelman Partners, an international architectural firm, with the concept drawing inspiration from Ancient Greek architecture, particularly from Athenian sculptures and buildings including the Acropolis.

*Watch the video here-