Afghans and Syrians clash in centre of Samos, with fires breaking out (VIDEO)

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A fire broke out at the Reception and Identification Center of Samos last night and while firefighters attempted to control the blaze, police were trying to restore order among the migrants.

Clashes between Afghans and Syrians began late yesterday afternoon in the centre of Samos town and at around 10 pm a fire broke out at the migrant camp.


During the clashes, three Syrians were injured with sharp objects and transported to the local hospital where they were being treated by medical staff.

The fighting is reported to have continued inside the camp and authorities are now investigating how the fire started.

Thousands of asylum seekers have been seen leaving the camp and moving towards the city centre. It should be noted that the camp of Samos should be housing around 650 people however at this stage there are about 5,700 migrants.

*Watch the video here-