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Athens museum launches Playmobil “Greek Revolution of 1821” exhibition


Athens’ National Historical Museum launched a Playmobil exhibition yesterday to help celebrate the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution, which was a successful war of independence waged by Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman Empire.

The new exhibition was inaugurated by Greece’s Minister of Culture and Sports, Ms. Lina Mendoni and is taking place in the central hall of the National Historical Museum.

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According to the Ministry of Culture, this is an original depiction of scenes from the Revolution of 1821, but also of everyday life of the early 19th century in Greece, with both children and adult figurines on display.

As the Minister noted, “It is very important that events such as the Greek Revolution are presented in such an alternative way that it is understandable, accessible and enjoyable for families and children. It is important that young people are not cut off from history and that they know how and with what struggles the present Greek state was created. ”

The exhibition features more than 20 dioramas made with Playmobil and they depict important events of the Revolution of 1821. Historical moments brought to life include the Exodus of the Pargans, the Siege of Tripolitsa, the Battle of Maniaki, and the Exodus of Mesolongi.

More than 80 Revolutionary protagonists in the War of Independence including Greeks, Philhellenes and the Ottomans, are presented along with their biographies.

Over 1300 Playmobil figures and accessories have been used to build the exhibition, which was designed and supervised by three National Historical Museum curators, and included historians and archaeologists to ensure accuracy.

The exhibition runs through to May 2020 at the National Historical Museum located in the Old Parliament House at Stadiou Street in Athens.


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