Mouthwatering Moussakopita hits the streets of Sydney

IMG 2373E

IMG 2373E

Stix and Pita, which was named Australian Good Food Guide's "Best Greek Food for 2019”, has created a mouthwatering, limited time only ‘Moussakopita’!

The popular eatery located in Enmore, Sydney, has taken the traditional Greek recipe and given it a fabulous twist, which is set to make their customers go crazy for this famous dish!

Made with slow-baked Kleftiko lamb (that is organic, free-range and Aussie farmed), local and sustainably sourced eggplants, zucchinis, potatoes, a house-made bechamel sauce, it is lovingly wrapped in their handcrafted pita dough and cooked over all-natural and organic charcoals.


“Moussaka is one of the most beloved traditional Greek dishes of all time. And while we're not normally ones to break tradition, we wanted to pay homage to what is arguably OUR favourite Greek dish. It's done Stix and Pita style of course. So if you're expecting to try our Moussakopita and compare it to your mums, dad's, yiayia's or pappou's normal moussaka, you might leave disappointed. If however you have an open mind and want to try the humble moussaka taken to an entirely new level, given an entirely new spin, modernised and created as a 'first of it's kind', then you will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, we wouldn't blame you if you can't stop at just one and if you keep coming back for more,” co-owners Elvis and Jim told GCT. 


Sydneysiders don’t need to fly for 23 hours to eat flavoursome food found in the motherland, as the menu at Stix and Pita brings the taste of Greece to Australia.

“For those who don't quite understand what Stix and Pita is all about, think old world. By that we mean, food the way it used to be and the way it ought to be. Organic, natural, no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives, no colourings, and no fake flavourings.”

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Their meats are hand-selected, hand-cut and their souvlas and souvlakia are all hand skewered in-house. Their sauces, marinades, and dressings are all made in-house too.

“Stix and Pita supports local wherever possible, but will only use Greek mountain oregano, Greek extra virgin olive oil, Greek Feta, Greek Kefalograviera and serve up a mean array of Greek drinks too... I mean it is a Greek joint after all,” they added. 

You also read it here first GCT followers, Stix and Pita are set to expand to a second location in the near future. 

And just in case you need another reminder, the ‘Moussakopita’ is available for a limited time only, so be quick!

A: 216 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

*Image and Video Credit: Image Smart