12 migrants arrested for violence and arson attack on Samos island

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A total of twelve migrants of various nationalities and ranging from the ages of 15 to 34 years old have been arrested in connection with the violent incidents that erupted on Samos island on Monday and resulted in the fires and destruction of a large part of the camp facility.

Seven people are accused of participating in the incidents within the hotspot while two of them also face charges of attempted homicide for their use of sharp implements during the violence. Four people were charged with taking part in clashes inside the hotspot and one person was charged with arson.

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Police have also identified another two suspects, a 15-year-old foreign national who stands accused of attempted homicide with the use of sharp implements and a 19-year-old suspect charged with arson.

On Tuesday night, in the presence of Citizen Protection Ministry, General Secretary Patroklos Georgiadis and the special secretary of the first reception of the same ministry, Manos Logothetis, the Eastern Samos municipal council was convened and Georgiadis presented a plan of four government interventions that concern Samos.


The four interventions are- The decongestion of the islands once new facilities are opened on the mainland. The completion of a new hotspot, the granting of the sports field of the existing hotspot to the municipality of Eastern Samos. The tabling of a draft law in the following days for the acceleration of asylum procedures.

A state of emergency was declared on Samos on Tuesday after the fire took place, with hundreds of migrants running into the streets following inter-ethnic clashes that left three Syrian men injured.

The fire at the Vathy facility – which was designed to hold around 700 people is now hosting around 6,000.