‘Macedonia is Greece’ activist tells Tsipras “You should be in jail” after spotting him on flight (VIDEO)

Alexis Tsipras on flight

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‘Macedonia is Greece’ rally organiser and spokeswoman for the protests, which took place in Athens and Thessaloniki last year, Giorgia Bitakou spotted Greece’s former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on a flight and approached the Syriza leader telling him “you sold your homeland, you are a traitor and you should be in jail.”

Bitakou took the opportunity to express her criticism of the Prespes Agreement, which Tsipras signed with Skopje on June 17, 2018.

The journalist recorded herself on her phone approaching Tsipras, who was sitting next to Efi Achtsioglou, a member of Syriza and a security guard when Bitakou asked: “Do you know Karavatis?”

“It kind of tells me something, but…” Tsipras replied.

 “Oh, it tells you something. He was a Macedonian fighter alongside Pavlos Melas,” she tells Tsipras, referring to Greece’s army officer who was known as one of the most important war heroes in Macedonia’s struggle for freedom.

Bitakou then continues to tell Tsipras: “You are laughing, going around smiling but soon you are going to prison because that’s where you belong,” she told the former PM, who smiled, while his security guard attempted to get Bitakou to leave.

The journalist then tells Tsipras that he called the ‘Macedonia is Greece’ organisers fascists, “but in fact, you are the worst fascist and traitor our country has seen,” she tells him.

“You destroyed the country and sold out my Ancestors’ History,” Bitakou also said.

The former Prime Minister did not respond and as the video shows he smirked and looked away.

*Watch the video here-