Greece’s largest flag sends message to Turkish fighter jets violating Aegean air space  

Greek flag

Greek flag

Locals from the island of Oinousses have painted Greece’s largest flag on a hill, which sits next to Chios island and is only 8km west of Turkey’s coast, sending a strong message to Turkish fighter jets constantly violating Greek air space.

It took more than 55 days for the locals of Oinousses to paint the huge Greek flag measuring 1.5 acres.

The residents firstly moved stones across to the mountain and then proceeded to paint them blue and white, creating what has now become the country’s largest Greek flag.

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The proud locals told media they are sending their own message to those trying to challenge Greek sovereignty in the region.

The large flag is visible not only from Chios island but also from the air, with residents showing Turkish fighters, who illegally fly over the small island on a daily basis, it belongs to Greece.

*Images courtesy of Stavros D. Zannikos