New Library of Alexandria honours Marianna Vardinoyannis

Marianna Vardinoyannis

Marianna Vardinoyannis

The New Library of Alexandria in Egypt honoured UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Marianna Vardinoyannis on Monday for her contribution to the institution, in the presence of Orthodox Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa.

Vardinoyannis was honoured during the celebration of the ten-year anniversary since the Alexandria Centre for Hellenistic Studies was founded in collaboration with the Vardinoyannis Foundation.

The Patriarch praised the work of Marianna Vardinoyannis for the centre and for children with cancer and then went on to bestow the Honor of the Golden Lion of the Order of Alexandria to Dr. Mostafa el Feki, director of the Library and called the library “a place of god and knowledge.”

Dr. Mostafa el Feki, also took the opportunity and praised Marianna Vardinoyannis for her work and support.

Vardinoyannis expressed her “gratitude for the collaboration and the upgrade of the Center for Hellenistic Studies,” and reaffirmed her continued backing, as she said, “especially for the upcoming generations.”

She was applauded when she said that “Egypt is the only other country in the world where I feel at home, and consider the people here my brothers and sisters.”

The centre offers college degrees in the study of the Hellenistic era, including history, literature, art, archaeology, architecture, philosophy and science.