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An abundance of spectacular treasures has been discovered by archaeologists at the lost city of Tenea, an ancient Trojan city in Greece.

Experts excavating the lost city of Tenea have discovered a range of invaluable artifacts including lamps, coins, jewellery, sculptures, and even baths.

The discovery of Tenea was confirmed last year and since then experts have been working hard to unearth it.

It includes a network of houses spanning 670 metres and tombs full of gold and silver urns.

According to ancient myths, Tenea was built to house prisoners after the Trojan war and then grew to become affluent in Roman times.

The vast amount of precious artifacts found to support claims that are it was a rich city and adds to the mystery of why it was suddenly abandoned.

After its abandonment in 400AD, Tenea was buried underground until excavations began at the site in 2013.

The place wasn’t confirmed as Tenea for another five years because the archaeologists wanted to be absolutely sure they had enough proof.

Archaeologists at the site have previously said their finds could just be the tip of the iceberg of what could be discovered.

They also have a number of theories on why the city was abandoned.

Archaeologist Konstantinos Lagos told the BBC: “We know the Slavs invaded this area around that time. We believe the people of Tenea abandoned the city and fled to these hills here.”