Government concedes migration issue is the greatest social problem

Stelios Petsas

Stelios Petsas

Greek government spokesperson Stelios Petsas conceded that the migration issue is the greatest social problem, during in interview with SKAI TV on Sunday.

Petsas also noted that Greek citizens should know that there is no miscommunication between government agencies in terms of co-ordination and the results are not a one-week matter.

The government spokesperson stressed that the issue is for Turkey to control the traffickers in its territory and not to threat it will send to Greece and to Europe thousands of migrants and refugees.

His remarks follow a statement by the Foreign Minister of Turkey on Saturday that accused Greece of shooting and sinking boats with refugees in the Aegean forcing many of them to return injured to Turkey.

Petsas reassured that the government's policy aims at the reduction of flows in the winter and in parallel to the increase the number of readmissions.

"We all understand that Greek society is tired but the Greeks never turned their back to humanity" explaining that the people sent to the mainland are people with a refugee profile and families.