George Michael’s ex-lover infuriates fans by claiming the late singer was HIV positive

fadi t

fadi t

George Michael’s former partner Fadi Fawaz has infuriated the late singer's fans after he alleged that the artist was HIV positive. Fadi made the shocking claims in a Twitter rant, in which he also alleged that George Michael didn’t write his own music and also accused him of using drugs.

Fawaz, who dated George for four years before his death, tweeted: ‘George Micheal was HIV+. We found out in Vienna after his illness. ‘He never wrote his own music he paid other people to make the music for him and pretended it was him. Not so talented after all ..’ Fadi tweeted: ‘Not being hacked it’s actually me’ before sharing a selfie and continuing on his rant.

He wrote: ‘Towards the end George Micheal smoked his crack using an Evian bottle. ‘Friday night David and I would go to London so he could smoke crack and have escorts over Sunday night would come home to Goring he would be still at it. So sad [sic].’ Fawaz is reportedly sleeping rough following his removal from George’s Regent’s Park property. Back in July, he was arrested on suspicion of aggravated criminal damage, after squatting in his ex’s mansion.

He also added: "Sex with him was so boring".

Fadi followed up the allegations with a selfie, insisting his account had not been hacked and confirming he was the one who made the claims.

One fan wrote: "How vile to post all this on a public forum of someone who you claim to have loved and is no longer with us. Completely disrespectful!"

Another said: “You should be ashamed.”

Fawaz found George Michael dead in the bedroom of his Oxfordshire house on Christmas Day in 2016. He was aged 53.

A coroners' inquest ruled the singer died from natural causes brought on by heart and liver problems.