Greek media mogul Haris Sianidis attends Hollywood Halloween Party with Paris Hilton



Greece’s leading PR and media mogul Haris Sianidis attended a Hollywood Halloween party with American socialite Paris Hilton.

If you haven’t heard of Haris Sianidis, you may have actually attended one of his productions in Greece or seen him appear on a Greek TV show. His PR Events company Beautiful People lists some of the biggest names in showbiz as its clients and over the years Sianidis has established close relations with his clientele both professionally and on a personal level.

His company has orchestrated many extraordinary projects, endless red carpet events, and live performances for some of Greece's and the world's most famous artists. He is also responsible for the organisation and the production of Bouzoukia shows in Greece, working with artists such as Nikos Oikonomopoulos, Sakis Rouvas, Despina Vandi and Nikos Vertis.

*Haris with Kelly Kelikidou, Gogo Mastrokosta, and Stella Kalli

His extensive work in the entertainment industry has seen him rub shoulders with some of the most elite international stars, making him a much-loved character amongst his famous friends who refer to him as “Haroulis”.

The PR guru is particularly loved by women and holds close relationships with several famous female celebrities who he has known from the early stages of their careers. He also has a very special friendship with Russian-born model Irina Shayak, who he met while holidaying in Monte Carlo.

*Haris and Irina Shayak

Sianidis and Shayak were introduced at a party and struck up a close friendship, catching up frequently at restaurants and parties. Haris asked the Russian model to attend his event celebrating his four-year-old company, Beautiful People, in collaboration with MTV and the model accepted without asking for a ridiculous amount of money for her attendance, knowing that Greece was going through a financial crisis.

Shayak later returned to the Aegean with her former partner, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, where they spent time in Crete. Even though Sianidis knew where the famous couple was staying during their time in Greece, he never gave any leads to magazines and respected their privacy. That loyalty paid off, as Ronaldo personally invited Sianidis as his guest to the World Cup held in Brazil.

And during a recent Hollywood Halloween party, Sianidis attended the event with socialite pal Paris Hilton.

This is not rare as Haris is often seen out and about in the social circuits with many of his famous clients-turned-friends. Many who have worked with him or met him say they have taken to his warm persona.

*Photos Courtesy of Beautiful People PR Events