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It’s that time of year in Greece where olive harvesting is in full swing, with many families making their way back to the village to collect a years’ worth of produce.

Olive trees date back to the 8th century BC and the oldest one is said to be located in Crete, which is one of seven olive trees in the Mediterranean believed to be at least 3000 years old.

These ancient trees are seen as a symbol of peace, fertility, health, faith, and strength, with olive branches commonly used as decoration at both Greek weddings and baptisms, symbolising prosperity.

A beautiful short film titled “The Olive Tree Will Always Be There” celebrates how important olive trees actually are to the Greek people and those who take care of them, as generations of Greeks have grown up respecting olive trees, which were and still are, a source of food and income for many families.

No matter how far back you look at Greek history, the olive tree will always be there, and this short film shows how deeply rooted the trees actually are.

With scenes from a stunning Autumn in Crete, the warm characters take you on an inspirational journey to a Greece of the past, bringing Odysseus Elytis’ quote: “With an Olive Tree, a Vineyard and a Boat, You Can Rebuild Greece,” to mind.

This captivating short film by Yatzer is a truly heartfelt story about an old man from Crete who literally spent his entire life amongst the olive trees, and it really is a must-see!

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