Catastrophic bushfires surge through NSW and QLD

NSW bushfires

It’s been 476 days since the globe came to a halt and watched helplessly as wildfires tragically erupted through the eastern coastal region of Attica, Greece, killing over 100 people and destroying over a thousand homes.

Today we see all too familiar images of burning homes, we hear of families missing and a rising death toll as the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland face catastrophic fire conditions.

With firefighters currently battling over 70 separate bushfires (half of which are out of control) across Australia’s Eastern coastline, authorities fear that the intensity of the fires will dramatically escalate even further with rising temperatures and stronger winds expected.

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott
Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott

Hundreds of people displaced from their homes continue to seek refuge, many returning to find the ashen remainders of what was once their property.

In the face of what is set to become the most dangerous week of bushfires in the nation’s history, we urge our readers to help those affected by the devastation and to support the fire and emergency services that have been working relentlessly around the clock.


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