Severe weather warning across the country as hailstorm “Victoria” hits Greece



A severe weather warning has been issued across the country today, Wednesday, 13th of November, as a hailstorm dubbed “Victoria” has already hit parts of Greece.

Heavy rain, hailstorms, and thunderstorms caused damage in Kerkyra and Kefalonia overnight, and according to meteorologists, it will arrive in Attica and other parts of the country today. ‘Victoria’ caused major disruptions on the island of Kerkyra, with power and water outages, flooding roads, as well as gale-force winds that brought down a number of trees. Dozens of fire brigades were called to homes and shops that were flooded and schools on the island will remain shut today.

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'Victoria' hit Kefalonia island overnight

On Kefalonia island roads were flooded and homes were also damaged, with the villages of Nyfi and Agia Efthimia being most affected.

According to the Athens Observatory’s Meteo service, clouds of dust and sand from the Sahara Desert are expected to cover different parts of the country today, in some cases resulting in muddy rain and the low-pressure system is approaching the Aegean islands, with gale-force winds expected to reach 9 on the Beaufort scale.

*Video of severe storms hitting Kerkyra-


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