Migrants leave Monastery accommodation in the Peloponnese saying conditions were “not good” (VIDEO)



The Metropolis of Ilia, in the Peloponnese, announced an initiative to host several migrant families in two monasteries in the region, however after dozens of migrants arrived on buses to the Monastery of Poretsos and inspected the facility, they left saying conditions were “not good.”

According to reports, migrants were meant to move into the newly renovated Monastery of Poretsos, which lies at the foot of Erymanthos mountain. The Monastery had been abandoned for years until the Metropolis decided to undertake a complete renovation, using funds secured through the country’s national tourism board.

The Metropolis will also open the Monastery of Kato Divris as soon as maintenance work has been completed.

However, a group of migrants on Thursday refused the free accommodations in the monastery, with mothers and children, recorded saying conditions were “no good” and adding that “Moria good, this is a problem” implying that they preferred the camp conditions in Moria, Lesvos.

One woman was also heard saying “too small” when shown the rooms inside the Monastery and headed back to the bus to be taken elsewhere.

Local media Ilialive.gr uploaded the videos and reported that the migrants and the International Organisation for Migrants said it would be very difficult living conditions as  the Monastery is “isolated.”

According to Archbishop Vasilis Arvanitis and deputy Mayor of Olympia, the 105 refugees, mainly from Afghanistan were moved there from the port of Piraeus and were previously in Moria. They will now be transferred to another facility in Northern Greece and the Monastery will receive further upgrades before other migrants arrive.

*Watch the video here-