Husky found with eyes pulled out as vile attacker savagely kills dog in Messolonghi



Greek authorities are investigating a shocking case of animal abuse which resulted in a stray Husky being tortured and killed, as the vile attacker ripped the dog’s eyes out in Messolonghi, Western Greece.

According to the perpetrator is a resident of the area and the abuse is believed to have happened on Saturday when the stray dog called “Spike” encountered a vicious attack resulting in the Husky’s death.

"I'm shocked about Spike's death in Messolonghi. This much-loved stray Husky was killed in the most horrible way! What's worse is that they pulled his eyes out," said a local.

Another resident told authorities "this person is dangerous to animals and humans. Action needs to be taken, as this is obviously someone with a mental disorder and they are freely roaming our streets.”

The poor dog was found by locals who are demanding severe punishment for those responsible for torturing and killing Spike.