Local from Ithaki kills 40-year-old man after believing wife was having affair

FI 2

FI 2

Police have charged a 54-year-old local resident from the island of Ithaki with the murder of a 40-year-old man, originally from Great Britain, after the husband believed his wife was having an affair with the victim.

According to local reports, a fight broke out on Saturday at a hotel in Ithaki, with the assailant viciously bashing the victim in the head and body, resulting in his death.

The violent crime involving the 54-year-old resident of the island and the 40-year-old foreign victim has rocked the island of Ithaki.

Police said the 54-year-old attacked the victim then caught a taxi back to a village north of the island where he lives. The husband is said to have been in a jealous rage, believing that his 42-year-old wife, with whom he has a seven-year-old child was in a long term relationship with the victim.

Reports claim the 40-year-old man, only arrived in Ithaca a few days ago and was found dead at the hotel room where he was staying. Other reports claim that the wife was in the hotel room when the attack occurred and she tried to save the man but was unable to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived.

Locals who knew the couple told Alpha TV that the couple had been having problems with their marriage for some time and the husband was enraged when his wife told him she was planning on leaving the island with their daughter.

Police are continuing the investigation.