Greek man finds funny way to smoke indoors without breaking anti-smoking law (VIDEO)



A few hours after Greece's government announced it will be enforcing the country's anti-smoking law with hefty fines, a video surfaced online showing a Greek man finding a solution to smoking inside a café, without breaking the law.

The man who was at a café in Serres, enjoying his coffee and cigarette proved that  “where there’s a will there’s a way” and showed others around the country how he got away with smoking inside his local joint without worrying about being issued a 500 euro fine for himself and a 10,000 euro fine for the owner.

The video has circulated around the world, highlighting that when a Greek wants to smoke, he or she will find a way to light up.

The man placed the cigarette and straw through a gap in the glass wall, allowing him to exhale through the straw with the smoke blowing outside the café!

*Watch the video here-