The Greek capital set to receive a 270 million euro makeover

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*Monastiraki, in the heart of the Greek capital (Image by Greek City Times)

Athens is set to receive a major makeover to help improve the everyday life of locals and to enhance the overall experience for international visitors.

Budgeted at 270 million euros, from 150 million euros last year, the city’s infrastructure program was approved on Monday by the Athens Municipal Council.

“With most tenders expected to launch within 2020, the program includes 60 ongoing works, 90 new projects, and 24 technical studies,” Deputy Mayor for Urban Infrastructure and City Planning Vassilis-Foivos Axiotis said on Tuesday, during the 49th General Assembly of the Athens-Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association.

According to Axiotis, the municipality will allocate 40 million euros for the revamp of squares, sidewalks, and public areas; 42 million for asphalting; 7 million for green areas; 17 million for cleanliness; and 3.7 million for the city’s sewer network.

“There are many hotels in Athens that have not connected their sewer systems with the city’s sewage, which is unacceptable,” Axiotis said during the event.

Meanwhile, the municipality is also focusing on the city’s landmark sites and monuments, and has located 1.5 million euros into the upgrade of the Lycabettus Hill – and theater –  near the center of Athens, and 8.6 into the creation of a metropolitan park in Eleonas.

Athens’ National Gardens, a landmark site attracting thousands of residents and visitors every year, will also undergo major revamp and preservation works.

Meanwhile, the municipality also bets on culture to improve the everyday life of citizens and upgrade the overall experience for travelers.

Therefore, it will increase the budget for the preservation of the city’s sculptures and the addition of new monuments, by 500,000 euros.

“We want to bring culture closer to residents and visitors, and make it an integral part of the everyday life,” Axiotis said, also adding that the municipality wishes for public art to flourish as in other major capitals around the world.

The municipality’s program for Athens’ revamp will be carried out within the next three years.

*Source: GTPHeadlines