President honours political legend Constantine Karamanlis

Constantine Karamanlis

Constantine Karamanlis

The President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, on Sunday unveiled a statue of former Greek Prime Minister Constatine Karamanlis, during a ceremony to honour the late great politician at Dioikitirio square in the town of Xanthi.

“What we should keep forever as nation and people from the rich political legacy of Constantine Karamanlis is that we succeeded the great and the important when we were united” stated the President during the unveiling ceremony.

“Additionally, what we must keep is that a politician can offer to his country and leave his historic mark only when he has as exclusive guide the public and national interest without seeking for his political survival by succumbing to the sirens of populism.”

“Today, here in Xanthi, we pay tribute to the great Macedon leader and politician Constantine Karamanlis” said Pavlopoulos and referred to Karamanlis’ ethos and insight and his iconic political stature who took the country and the people out of destitution and underdevelopment and opened the way for growth and finally for the European Union.