Greece still supports North Macedonia over EU membership

Nikola Dimitrov

Nikola Dimitrov
Greece’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias on Tuesday reiterated Greece's support for the EU accession prospects of North Macedonia during a meeting with his counterpart Nikola Dimitrov in Skopje.

The Minister’s made the comments in the context of the recent cancellation by the EU of membership accession talks with North Macedonia a point he also raised, noting membership greatly on implementing certain reforms and on an alignment with the European aquis.

"I share North Macedonia’s disappointment about the 28 EU member states not reaching a positive decision on starting accession negotiations," the minister said and added that "on our part, we have done all we could towards reaching a positive decision on this issue, in coordination with our EU partners."

Dendias also took the opportunity to remind the political leadership of North Macedonia that the Prespes agreement needs to be fully and diligently implemented.

In response, Dimitrov said that he too sees the need for the full implementation of the terms of the Prespes Agreement and referred to Greece as a strategic partner and friend of North Macedonia, as both countries must take advantage of the new perspectives that have opened up by the accord.