First snow of the season falls in Thessaloniki and Trikala (VIDEO)

trikala xioni2

trikala xioni2

Locals in Thessaloniki and Trikala woke up to their first snow of the season on Wednesday with much of Macedonia, including mountainous parts of Halkidiki welcoming the pretty snowfall for Winter 2019!

In the mountainous areas of Macedonia, such as Chortiatis and Filiro, the snow has fallen, as it has in Oreokastro in Lagadas and in eastern Thessaloniki. Florina and Xanthi have also been painted a pretty white with temperatures turning icy cold.


Locals of the Trikala Regional Unit, who reside at an altitude of over 1,200 meters, have seen a white landscape, but so far there have been no road network problems reported.

thessaliniki xionia filiro2

According to Trikala Vice-Mayor Christos Michalakis, authorities are on standby and alerting drivers to be very careful, while commuting, due to low temperatures.

*Watch the video here