Greece’s National Council convenes over security concerns triggered by Turkey

Nikos Dendias

Nikos Dendias

Greece’s National Council on Foreign Policy will convene today to discuss security and stability in the Mediterranean, in light of the latest provocations of Turkey with the recent Turkey-Libya agreement.

The meeting will be convened by Foreign Affairs Minister, Nikos Dendias who on Monday called on the EU Foreign Affairs Council to "explicitly condemn the memoranda of understanding signed by Turkey and Libya" on maritime zone delineation in the East Mediterranean.

The Minister also called on the Council to "create a framework of sanctions" if Ankara and the Tripoli government do not abide by international laws and the Law of the Sea, and called for the support of Greece and Cyprus.

Dendias is expected to brief the National Council today on his meeting with his counterparts at the EU Foreign Affairs Council where has already indicated that he "highlighted the model of Turkish misconduct in the Aegean, in Cyprus and in the East Mediterranean" and clarified that "Greece will do whatever is necessary to defend its sovereignty and its sovereign rights."

Meanwhile the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, on Monday said that the Turkey and Libya memorandum of understanding on maritime zones "causes serious concern.”