Greek bus driver refuses to stop smoking and talking on mobile

By 2 years ago

Passengers were left furious after a bus driver refused to stop smoking and talking on his mobile phone during their hour-long trip from Kiato to Kineta.

Several passengers asked the driver to stop smoking and talking on his mobile during the journey, however, the passengers claim he did not listen and continued doing both without hesitation.

According to local media, passengers recorded video footage on their phones and called the new hotline 1142 to report the driver for smoking inside public transport. They also alerted police about the driver using his cell phone without Bluetooth.

The incident took place last Tuesday morning on a private coach chartered by TRAINOSE, which was carrying around 50 passengers.

TRAINOSE has informed its passengers that the matter will be formally addressed and heavy penalties and fines will be imposed.

The new anti-smoking bill, which was enforced in October by the Greek government is a lot tougher, with authorities asking the police to help inspectors enforce the law and to apply fines.

Smoking is not only prohibited in all public indoor spaces in the country, but also in playgrounds and other open-air areas designed for children.


Greek CIty Times 2021
Greek CIty Times 2021