Italy sends frigate to Cyprus saying “we are ready to show Turkey our flag”

Italy sends frigate to Cyprus saying “we are ready to show Turkey our flag” 2

The frigate Federico Martinengo from the Italian Navy has made a stop in the port of Larnaca, Cyprus and is conducting a patrol operation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to carry out activities of presence and surveillance of maritime spaces, in compliance with international law and the protection of national interests.

During the stop, which began last Friday, December 6, the commander and crew representatives took part in the celebrations of the Feast Day of Agios Nikolaos, Patron Saint of the sea, sailors and the navy.

After leaving the port, frigate Martinengo will conduct training activities with ships from the navies of neighbouring countries, including Greece and Cyprus. This is expected to take place from December 12 to 14.

Its presence in the port of Larnaca is part of the Naval Diplomacy activities, carried out in the field of international cooperation and dialogue between the countries of the area, with which Italy has important political relations- diplomatic, economic and industrial.

“Italy has sent a military ship to Cyprus to protect its national interests,” Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported, adding that it is a “patrol in the eastern Mediterranean, aiming at the presence and surveillance of maritime areas, respecting international law and protecting national interests.”

“The message to Ankara is clear: if we need to show our flag, we are ready,” Italian officials told the Rome newspaper.