19,000 migrants held in Lesvos, as another 500 asylum seekers land in the last 48 hours

asylum seekers

asylum seekers

Authorities on the island of Lesvos on Wednesday confirmed the arrival of over 500 migrants seeking asylum.

According to the regional police directorate, there were 525 arrivals in the last 48 hours, noting 163 landed on Monday, 316 on Tuesday and 46 on Wednesday morning.

During the same 48-hour period, 40 migrants requesting asylum arrived at Chios and 52 at Samos. All came from Turkey’s coast.

At present, a total of 19,917 refugees are housed in the greater Mytilini area on Lesvos. Of these, 17,621 are housed in the Moria hotspot.

Twenty unaccompanied children are scheduled to depart the island for the children’s camping ground of Agios Andreas, in Attica, and another 54 individuals belonging to vulnerable families will be transferred to facilities in northern Greece.