Greek Social Influencers, travelling the world and growing their business


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By Stamatina Mylonas 

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world while still making money?  Have you thought about building a supportive following and expressing your creativity? That’s exactly what these social influencers are doing! Nina Kominou and her boyfriend Nikos Saperas are Greek social influencers who have gained popularity and a significant following over the past few years.

And we got an exclusive inside look into how it all comes together!

Amassing a combined following of over 80 thousand followers on Instagram, Nina Kominou (@nina.kom_) and her boyfriend, visionary photographer Nikos Saperas (@nikos.saperas) are making waves. While scrolling through their feeds, you feel like you’re on a world tour of amazing places.

So how do you get into this industry and make it all work? We spoke with Nina and got real about the social influencer industry and all it entails.

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How did it all begin and what sparked the mass following? “Everything started 4 years ago when we used to have a long-distance relationship as I lived in London and Nikos in Greece," says Nina.

In order to make this long-distance relationship easier, the couple planned trips to various European cities and met every two weeks. Luckily Europe isn’t too difficult to travel around, so Nina and Nikos would meet halfway and enjoy their time together before going back to their realities in London and Athens. At this point, their travels had no relation to Instagram, it was just their way of keeping close, while also exploring the world.  Eventually, Nina would convince Nikos to create an Instagram page, and their travel photos soon became a hit! There is something fairytale-esque about seeing two people in love travelling to the most desired places together.

Social influencers have begun making profits from their posts on Instagram through partnerships with brands and companies that they feature in their posts. These include clothing, shoes, beauty products, technology, restaurants and hotels, and the list goes on!  A large following attracts big and small brands alike, who hope to get their product or service in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. Anything can be marketed through Instagram and social influencers are the advertisers of the future. But Nina and Nikos also have their day jobs that they are still focused on. They both work as financial analysts for multinational companies. As they are still on a strict corporate schedule, they try to plan at least two big trips per year. However, while living in Greece, it’s easy to escape on a weekend getaway to a gorgeous Greek island.

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What we're all wondering now is, how can you start working as a social influencer and gain income while travelling? Nina’s first and most important piece of advice is to do it with passion or not at all! The next step in your strategy is to find your niche or what speaks to you the most, be it fashion, travel, or whatever you’re passionate about. Since Instagram is a visual platform, your aesthetic and the cohesiveness of your photo grid will help elevate your personal brand. Focus on things like your colour palette in terms of the photos you use and the way you edit them. And of course, the most important element of a social influencer’s success is their following. Engage with your followers and make them feel like they are a part of the journey.

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In this day and age, there are thousands of notable social influencers from all over the world. But what edge does a Greek social influencer have over the rest? From experience, Nina told us that she has noticed a boom in Instagram use in Greece over the last three years. This is significant to note, because, in the United States and other major cities in Europe for example, Instagram has been popular for much longer. Greece is incredibly stunning, both in culture and natural beauty. People the world over eagerly plan their trips to Greece, and specifically the islands. For Greek social influencers like Nina and Nikos, these breathtaking scenes are essentially in their backyard. It’s easy then to get a good photo when every background is paradise!

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For Nina and Nikos who have travelled to many distant destinations, what could be the most memorable? The ancient and mysterious vibes of the Middle East made the biggest impression on the couple, specifically in India. They loved the rich culture and history, and the vibrancy and detail of all the colours and architecture around the country. While at these impressive locations, it’s common practice to capture tons of photos, videos, and other content.

So, in order to grow your following and brand as an influencer, its key to put out a lot of quality content documenting these epic travels. Nikos is the mastermind behind the camera lens. After so many years of traveling and taking photos, he gives Nina tips and tricks on how to pose, what angles are best, and what locations will photograph the coolest. Practice makes perfect!

As more people try to make a name and a business for themselves as a social influencer, the industry continues to evolve. Larger fashion, technology, and other businesses are starting to understand the value of marketing through partnerships with social influencers. Nina put it best when she said: “The truth is that no matter how social media will be in the future we will continue traveling and taking pictures, not because of the likes and followers but because we love it!”

*All photos courtesy of Nikos’ and Nina’s Instagram pages (@nina.kom_  @nikos.saperas)

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