Erdogan threatens to close US bases



Erdogan is threatening the US with the closure of two US military bases in Turkey, if Washington imposes sanctions on its purchase of the S-400 from Russia.

It should be noted that at the base of Incirlik, which is one of the US bases under threat of closure by the Turkish President, the Americans are guarding about 50 nuclear bombs that have not been returned to US territory, even though the Pentagon had planned to relocate them following the failed 2016 coup in Turkey.

Many speculate that the US Senate resolution passed on Thursday formally recognising Turkey's genocide of the Armenian people also added fuel to the political fire.

"The US Senate's decision on the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ is a hollow gesture as far as Turkey is concerned. In the event of US sanctions, we will take steps to close Inchirlick and Kyurezhik. If the United States continues,, we will also impose sanctions, "Erdogan said.

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Recently, in an interview on Turkish television, Erdogan indicated with a pointer on a map where Turkey plans to conduct research for hydrocarbons but also drilling, directing at the location east of Crete.

"This point here is the point where Turkey meets Libya. This belt that you see passes east of Crete. The northern section of the border here is Turkey and the southern section is Libya. What are these? These are continental shelves. We can say that we can conduct our seismic research here and then after our seismic research we can drill here," he stated.

Pointing to the presense of significant hydrocarbon deposits in the eastern Mediterranean, Erdogan said that Turkey could cooperate in the region with major international companies.