Trikala’s ‘Mill of Elves’ set to welcome over 1 million visitors (VIDEO)

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For the ninth year in a row, the 'Mill of Elves' in Trikala, the biggest, free of charge Christmas theme park in Greece has opened its doors and is on track to welcome over 1 million visitors!

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It was back in December 2011, when Santa Claus first transformed the Mill of Matsopoulos in Trikala into Greece's largest Christmas theme park, called the "Mill of Elves". Since then, locals have worked tirelessly to give joy to the young and old every year over the Festive Season.

‘The Nutcracker’, the famous Christmas story of all times is coming to life at this year’s Mill of Elves, with guests following a magic trip of the Wooden Nutcracker and Little Clara in the 4 Fairy Kingdoms. Here you can meet the Candy Fairy, the Queen of Flowers, the Ballerina of Toys and 'Santa Claus in the Ice Kingdom'!

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The “Mill of Elves,” used to be a water mill entirely built of stone and named Matsopoulos Mill. Now, every December it is transformed into a festive toy and confectionery factory, where Santa Claus and his Elves welcome guests from near and far, turning the space into a magical kingdom.

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Last year over 1.2 million people visited this cheerful park and there were also over 10 million online visitors to their entertaining website, not to mention more than 45,000 letters that were posted to Santa!

“Mill of Elves” is jam-packed with places where kids can also paint, bake, see how chocolate is made, taste sweets, take photos with Santa and his elves and taste traditional cookies. There is also a red carousel, a train, a pool, and many more special activities taking place!

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Having opened its doors on the 29th of November, it will shut on the 6th of January 2020.

Trikala, in the region of Thessaly, has earned its title as the leading winter destination in Greece as it not only offers 'Mill of Elves' but there is also spectacular nature, boutique accommodation, endless outdoor activities, buzzing nightlife and an array of attractions close by.

*Watch the video here-