Erdogan claims Turkey has every right to “begin drilling off Crete”  



During a televised interview on Sunday evening, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan argued that Turkey has every right to drill off the Greek island of Crete, adding that the agreement with Libya "is, in fact, the reverse (of the Treaty) of the Sevres".

Presenting maps that were displayed on a giant screen, Erdogan claimed that Turkey will not only conduct research on hydrocarbons but also drill in the Mediterranean sea area east of Crete, under the Libyan agreement.

Greece has repeatedly stressed that Turkey has no legal right to do so and has called on the EU to help put an end to the Libya-Turkey deal.

"With the help of God and very soon here (while pointing to the area east of Kastelorizo and west of Crete) we will begin seismic investigations and drilling," he told reporters during the interview. Erdogan also called for "strong international companies" to cooperate in the region, arguing that there are significant hydrocarbon reserves in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Turkish President has again threatened Greece, claiming that "the agreement with Libya guarantees our rights at the sea border with Greece!” Also adding that "the rights of Libya and Turkey will be protected by our agreements and we will not allow unilateral actions. Everything we do is in accordance with international law. "

Erdogan also stated that Turkey is ready to provide Tripoli with any military assistance it requires, following the signing of a military agreement between Ankara and the Libyan national unity government, which also threatened to close down two strategic bases in the US, "if necessary".

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