Newborn baby found in garbage bin in the centre of Kalamata



Greek police announced on Wednesday they had arrested a 25-year-old Georgian woman on suspicion of attempted infanticide after a passer-by found a days-old baby abandoned in an underground garbage bin in the centre of Kalamata.

The baby boy, who is reported to be a few days old, was transferred to hospital, where he was found to be in generally good health.

Police said the suspect was believed to be the baby's mother.

The Mayor of Kalamata Thanassis Vassilopoulos told reporters the council bin was about three meters deep and the baby was very fortunate to be alive. “He is very lucky because the local garbage truck, which crushes the garbage placed inside it, had been delayed on its route on Wednesday morning, which saved the baby.”

During the garbage truck’s delay, a woman who was feeding stray cats nearby heard the baby crying and called the police, who immediately arrived at the scene and saved the newborn.

The baby will remain in the pediatric ward of Kalamata’s hospital, where he will be looked after by nurses. Police are also waiting for results of laboratory testing, which will be used during the investigation.

*Image courtesy of Arros