Aegean Airlines receives the first A320neo aircraft



Coming soon to the sky is Aegean Airlines’ first A320neo aircraft, which was delivered at the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France on December 19 and marks the start of a new chapter of development for the company.

“The delivery of the first state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo is a significant milestone for our development and competitiveness. AEGEAN already operates the most comprehensive network in terms of seat capacity and number of destinations ever served by a Greek airline and we intend to continue to invest in its development to the benefit our customers. For our people the new aircraft are a platform that will allow us to create innovative services for our passengers, but also a great multiplier of their capacity for further professional development,” Aegean CEO, Dimitris Gerogiannis stated.

Following an initial induction and preparation period to conclude the relevant support planning and training processes, the new aircraft will be incorporated in the company’s fleet and is expected to initiate commercial flights around mid-February.

This is the first aircraft from a new fleet of at least 46 A320neo airplanes that the Greek carrier will receive by 2024, valued at $6 billion.

The initial order of 30 aircrafts that was signed earlier this year, was expanded by another 16 thanks to support by credit institutions.

The new A320neo aircraft of Aegean, will be powered up by the advanced Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines which are expected to contribute to a substantial reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions levels per flight and passenger flown, while also significantly lowering the noise footprint. In addition the reduced fuel consumption will serve to enhance Aegean’s competitiveness, as well as to offer range extension and enable the company to fly to new destinations. Finally, the aircraft will provide an excellent platform for the development of new -mainly digital- services, for the company’s passengers.

The agreement between Aegean and Airbus is the largest private investment in Greece.

Source: Aegean Airlines