Driver escapes car as it falls into sea during passenger ferry nightmare

Fior Di Levante

Fior Di Levante

The passenger ferry, Fior Di Levante experienced moments of chaos as it was offloading passengers and vehicles on Monday evening at the port of Kyllini.

During the off-loading, the moorings broke, destabilising the ferry as it slowly retreated from the pier, causing one car to plunge into the sea, with its driver managing to escape in time.

Watch the video here:

Another thriller unfolded on Monday evening with the Cyprus-flagged “Olympus” passenger ferry operating the Rethymnon-Santorini-Milos-Piraeus route, was hit by a crane.

According  to port authorities the “Olympus” was carrying 77 passngers at the time, all of which are in good health.