Greek city rejects “Macedonian” language for school curriculum


The Greek city of Edessa rejected a request to include the so-called “Macedonian” language in Greek public schools via courses over the Internet.

The decision was made by the city council of Edessa which unanimously rejected a request by a nationalist pro-Skopje group that called for the inclusion of the so-called “Macedonian”.

The group, known as AMKE Krste Misirkov, had recently submitted their provocative petition to the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs division in Edessa and called for the application of a clause in the Treaty of Sevres of 1923, which provides for “the provision of facilities for teaching languages other than Greek in public education schools”.

“This program will cater for citizens in Edessa, which will be a pilot programme, and have a limited number of participants and be provided free of charge by the AMKE Krste Misirkov, which will cover the costs of the internet connection, use of the teaching platform and the required equipment,” the petition noted.