Greek nightlife celebrates 2020 – A New Year’s Eve to remember

athens nye

athens nye

Nightlife in Greece is a celebration in its own right: colourful laser shows, a vast variety of modern and folk music mixed together by famous disc jockeys, larger-than-life stars, professional dancers, delightful refreshments, scrumptious hors d’oeuvre and state-of-the-art audio and video equipment – indeed, Greek clubs have it all.

But, when combined with the most magical time of the year – the year’s final day, New Year’s Eve – then this celebration assumes a whole new level of triumphant extravaganza.

From the 80’s and 90’s mega hits and disco parties to electro swing, rap and mainstream hits to the modern folk “bouzoukia” shows, New Year’s Eve in Greece is a glorification of human merriment, the rejoicing of spirit and the festivity of a tradition that commemorates happiness in all its majesty.

There are many nightclubs and music venues that offer over-the-top shows on this joyous day and Greek City Times has compiled a list of 5 events that combine everything that New Year’s Eve stands for and more:

Penarrubia NYE party

Peñarrubia Lounge is one of those restaurants that once visited, takes and then proceeds to hold a very special place in the visitor’s heart. For the unique occasion of welcoming the new decade, Penarrubia has prepared the most unique menu composed of distinct dishes and mouth-watering cocktails. Smoked balik salmon, beef fillet, light chocolate mousse, velvet toppings with smoked pork and caramelised chestnut chips – the 2020 NYE’s menu is a true spectacle to behold.

F: Peñarrubia Lounge 

2020 in Socialista (Mood Club)

One of the best received nightlife party venues in town, Mood Club will put on a celebration with a display of incomparable showmanship. Dancers, famous DJ’s and non-stop music awaits all who dare venture through its doors. In fact, this is Mood Clubs eleventh NYE party, and each time it has amassed more than 2,000 people to its halls- a mind boggling number that the venue expects to exceed with the upcoming show’s crowd!

F: Mood Club


Mad New Year in Hilton

Luxurious, comfortable, classy and aesthetically pleasing – Hilton Athens Hotel takes hospitality to a whole new level. To celebrate the monumental beginning of a new decade, it invites everyone to the event “Mad New Year by Stoli”, where attendants will have the pleasure to witness multiple music stages with multiple ongoing shows at the same time. Music to fit every taste – but not only music, as the famed 5star hotel offers a carefully crafted NYE menu that will satisfy the mouth and tickle the mind!

W: Hilton

NYE in Gazi Music Hall

NYE in Gazi Music Hall is like a dream come true: extravagant light shows, nostalgic blasts from the past, modern hits, illustrious singers, delicious food and spirits to lift your spirit! This party has it all, from the most promising artist in X-Factor, Giannis Tergiakis, to famed DJ Dimitris Trikaliotis and DJ Melo, to the hottest Greek rapper of 2019, Madclip. All of them will be there. Will you?

F: Gazi Music Hall

NYE 2020 All-Star Game with Light – Snik – Hawk

The All Star Game of the Greek trap music scene is an undeniably fashionable event, which coincides with New Year’s Eve. Vibes of techno, electro, trap, dubstep and rap are the very elements that make up this year’s final party, a party that encompasses the true and tested holiday spirit of a modern-day European club. Here, you will meet the hottest and most relevant Greek rappers of the last decade: Light, Snik and Hawk, each a self-made man with millions of hits on YouTube, ready to duke it out in a festive musical confrontation that will “blow you away”. 

F: NYE 2020 All Star Game

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