Greeks ranked most ‘dangerous’ drivers in Europe



Greeks are dangerous, Dutch are calm and the English are polite, according to some of the findings of European drivers in the last Eurobarometer survey for 2019, which in many ways reaffirms some stereotypes.

The Eurobarometer survey in collaboration with the Foundation Vinci Autoroutes revealed that Greeks have been found to be the most dangerous drivers in Europe.

The survey data was the result of the participation of 12,418 citizens from France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

According to the survey, one in two Greeks (50%), was deemed to be dangerous, with the Italians following at 44% and the French at 40%. Less dangerous are Swedes at 11%.

Correspondingly, the calmest drivers were the Dutch at 68%, followed by the Polish, and Slovaks with 67% and Spaniards with 66%. Greeks were the least calm at 49%.

Regarding irresponsible driving, while driving alone (compared to the highest percentage of European drivers), Greeks (58%) came in second place after Polish drivers (68%).

The English are the most polite drivers at 50%, followed by the Belgians with 44%. Italians are less polite at 17% with Greeks around the middle of the table at 26%.

The most susceptible to offenses are English (9%) followed by Dutch (8%) and Belgians (7%) with Greeks in the last position (3%).

Finally, the data concluded that the most anxious drivers in Europe are Swedes (58%), followed by Germans (52%) and Dutch (42%) with Greeks at 30%.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.