North Macedonia is expected to go to the polls on 12 April following the resignation of the government of Zoran Zaev with a caretaker government to take over under the leadership of former Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

The caretaker government will ensure the country runs smoothly until the elections.

The decision to resign and call snap elections was made by Zoran Zaev following the European Union’s refusal to open accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia, causing turmoil in the country’s political landscape.

Zoran Zaev will remain the leader of the SDSM and lead his party’s election campaign, expressing confidence that he will prevail in the April elections and return to the prime ministerial seat.

For his part, VMRO-DPMNE leader Christian Mitskoski appeared confident that his party would win a major election in April, which would mark the end of Zoran Zaev’s political career.

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