US President congratulates Greece on its economic recovery during meeting with Greek PM (VIDEO)



Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with President Trump at the Oval Office on Tuesday evening where they briefly touched on security and regional matters including Turkey during their on-camera meeting before leaving for their bilateral meeting behind closed doors.

President Trump praised Greece’s economic recovery whilst also referring to its geostrategic importance and history. Donald Trump gave a warm welcome to the Greek PM and his wife, Mareva-Grabowski Mitsotak, starting the meeting by saying "it is my honor to have the Greek Prime Minister and the first lady of Greece here, too. Thank you very much for being here. We have a lot to discuss."

During their meeting, the Greek Prime Minister also raised the issue of the Turkey-Libya agreement and related security matters that are seen as a destabilizing force. Prime Minister Mitsotakis mentioned thatthe "Turkey-Libya so-called 'agreement' cannot produce anything of legally accepted stature, as it is an agreement legally unfounded, null and geographically absurd.”

Trump went on to praise the Greek economy, noting that Greece has managed to recover very quickly.  "Greece and its recovery are a huge success," the US President underlined. In turn, the Greek PM noted that "the Greek economy has recovered in recent months, we have reduced taxes," and asked the US President for support in an effort to attract more US investment into Greece.

“We look forward to your positive support, we want US businesses to invest in Greece so that we can expand the economy at a rate so striking that people will really feel the difference,” said the Greek Premier.

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