"Discover the other part of yourself" in Heraklion (VIDEO)



"Discover the other part of yourself" is the title of the new tourism video promoting Herkalion.

The Municipality and the city of Heraklion, Crete, welcome 2020 and all of us, visitors from all around the world, to discover a modern city with a historical core.

The video takes viewers on a journey alongside two strangers who have the opportunity to stroll through history and culture and enjoy a beautiful city which is "in the heart of the most important island in the Mediterranean!"

Heraklion is truely unique and full of so many experiences that visitors will wholeheartedly enjoy all year round.

Through their eyes, audiences visit Knossos, the Archaeological Museum, the Venetian Walls, the Fortress of Koules, the temples and monasteries, and experience the nightlife full of entertainment, music, dancing and rich Cretan art.

Watch the video here-