Greece ready to support Hellenism in Albania: President Pavlopoulos



“The Greek state is ready to support any action for the prosperity of the Hellenism of Albania, by whose side it will continue to stand in the future,” President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos emphasised in his address he sent to the Greek Embassy in Tirana, for the 29th Anniversary of the “DEEMEM-OMONIA” organisation.

The statement which will be read at the event by Ambassador Sofia Filipino, also notes that "over the years, OMONIA, often under extremely adverse conditions, has been able to adequately represent the Hellenism of Albania, fighting for the defence of its inalienable fundamental rights.”

Further he stressed that today, the protection of minority and property rights of the Greek National Minority is an integral part of the conditions that the EU itself has set in Albania in relation to its European course and highlighted that “Greece is closely watching the issue and shall take appropriate steps to safeguard the rights of the members of the Greek National Minority.”

"Your own actions are also crucial in meeting the challenges you face. The effectiveness of your efforts, of course, requires consensus, understanding, as well as coordination of actions which, at least in some cases, were missing in previous years," Pavlopoulos continued.

He concluded that he is fully aware of the importance and urgency of the restoration of conditions of unity within the Greek National Minority in Albania and they will do what must be done under the current circumstances.