Greece is the world's top destination for 2020 according to Insider

Navagio in Zakynthos tourism
Navagio in Zakynthos
*Navagio in Zakynthos

Greece has emerged as the world's top destination for 2020 by readers and editors of the well-known Insider media outlet.

"With beautiful beaches, historic architecture, fresh seafood and awesome nightlife, it's no wonder you all voted for Greece," producer Aliza Gulab stated in the video posted by Insider.

Greece has become increasingly popular with each year, surpassing 30 million visitors in 2018.

"Great food, abundant history, scenic landscapes and beautiful weather come together to make Greece the ideal destination for 2020." Not to mention there are currently 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece.

Insider's video also gives tips on food to try, places to stay and things to do while visiting this incredible country.

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